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Solutions for change management

Leadership and talent development

People and organizations performance improvement

The company

We develop the leadership of individuals, teams and organizations, integrating business knowledge with advanced solutions for learning and change implementation

We share the responsibility for results, we work in partnership with the company in order to be a reference for value, culture and meaning for people

«Bespoke» Programs

Summit designs and implements "tailor made" programs, starting from areas of excellence on contents and from a solid and updated expertise on learning processes:

  • Co-design and business contextualization

  • Centering on results and outputs

  • Audience involvement and analysis

  • Mix of advanced learning solutions, oriented to favor the maximum activation of people



Viale Luigi Majno, 5

20122 MILAN

Tel: 02 66710332

​Fax: 02 66710613


Gruppo Summit s.r.l. Viale L. Majno, 5 - 20122 Milano - T +39 02 66710332 - F +39 02 66710613 - Cod.Fisc. e P.IVA 01979370150 Cap.Soc. 50.000,00

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